Club Salsa first opened its doors on Saturday 14th February 2004. The main thrust of the club was to provide a venue for social dancers.Over time Johannesburghas been eroded of dancing venues and there was a definite requirement for such an establishment. Sayed Abdussamad and Louis August in conjunction with the group, Hot Shots Dance Band, set about trying to find a venue as the previous venue where they performed was going through a management and identity metamorphosis.


As luck would have it our present venue became available in January 2004.Within three weeks renovations were completed and we were ready to host our first function. Five years on and with a steadily growing clientele the club has gone from strength to strength and has displayed a growth way beyond our expectations. In addition to hosting social dance evenings every Saturday with The Hot Shots dance Band we do offer an alternative in musical entertainment on Friday evenings called The Toastie Show, this idea was conjured up about 10 years ago by Louis August, quite successfully, at a previous night club where the niche market would be a35 and over patronage who had found themselves alienated from the so called mainstream of entertainment as the majority of venues catered for the younger generation. In short the Toastie Show provides an avenue for adults to listen and dance to the hits of yester year, more particularly the 60’s, 70’s an 80’s. The Toastie Show has again proven to be a resounding success and looks to have a bright future.


We are constantly upgrading our facilities as we believe we need to offer a venue of repute as well as an establishment that exudes class. There are prerequisites that makes us a successful entity, our insatiable passion for entertaining people with our good music and assisting fundraising bodies. We are very passionate about community issues and wherever we can assist in promoting such events we gladly participate. This is evidenced by our annual senior citizens Christmas luncheon which we host in conjunction with a group called Friends of the community. This event is open to all senior citizens from a multitude of institutions and it has grown to the point where we are entertaining approximately 350 senior citizens annually.


· Club information, EG: Seating Capacity, Music, Hiring details, etc

The club has a seating capacity of 350 or a standing capacity of 500.


The music provided by the band “The Hot Shots Dance Band” is predominantly Latin-American with smatterings of our local kwela’s and indigenous tunes.


The recorded music for the Toastie show offers all the soul, pop and R&B hits of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and a minute dose of current popular tunes. No provision is made for house, hip-hop, rap or kwaito.


The club is also available for hiring, offering a selection of various affordable packages and has become very popular amongst fundraising bodies to assist them in acquiring much needed funds. Our beneficiaries include, churches, pre-schools, schools, sporting bodies and social groups. We accommodate functions such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate events etc.


· Dance Classes

In our endeavour to keep ‘lang arm’ dancing alive, we offer dance classes for beginners and advanced students every Thursday evening. Our dance tutor is Vivian Ford who is herself a professional dancer.

Lessons are offered at R100.00 p.m.

For further details contact Vivian on : 082-389-3325